While we conducted a great campaign, which I am proud to have been a part of, Newport Beach voters have chosen to retain Brad Avery as their councilperson in District 2.  
Although I'm glad that the campaigning is over, it has provided insights and lessons I would not have gained otherwise.  I have met so many people who are truly concerned about Newport Beach.  They have been generous with their good wishes and anxious to share their ideas.  It's been an incredible experience!
I will continue my involvement and activism for the next four years and I plan to run in the 2024 election in District 2.  As a citizen activist, I will continue to advocate for the residents and small businesses of Newport Beach just as I have for the past several years.

Thank you to all the volunteers, endorsers and donors for your support and trust.  I am so grateful to you.  I could not have mounted this campaign without you.

There are so many folks who worked behind the scenes to help me deliver my message.  Thank you!  

COVID made this year’s campaign unique. For safety reasons, I chose to limit the number of in-person activities that would have been opportunities for important one-on-one conversations.  I trust it will be different next time, and I look forward to spending time with you in person.

Many residents have contacted me by email or phone to offer advice and support.  While the campaign is over, it does not mean that our conversations must end.  I look forward to continuing our conversations on issues that are important to all of us who live and work in Newport Beach, and encourage more of you to join in.

I will continue to use the email address and phone number below, so please reach out anytime.

And one final thanks to the donors who helped make my campaign possible, especially during these difficult times.  While the campaign has concluded, there are outstanding expenses to pay. I will be grateful for any donation you can make at this time to help retire these expenses.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

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