My Professional Life

From an early age, I knew I wanted to be a designer of interior spaces.  I attended Cal Poly Pomona and then transferred to UCLA for Environmental Design.  In 1981, I was hired by an Interior Design firm in Irvine.  I continued attending classes at night and was able to work during the day.  Five years later, in 1986, I opened my own interior design firm.  I continued my education at the University of La Verne in Business Administration.  

I have been in business for 37 years now.  We prepare space plans and construction drawings, specify materials, and assist our clients in managing the construction of their projects.  Most of our projects are in the Inland Empire.  I do not currently have, nor have I had in the past, any projects in Newport Beach.  

As a result of my profession, I have extensive project management experience and am knowledgeable about building codes and construction. As the owner of a small business, I have the leadership abilities, the temperament, and the interpersonal skills for creatively dealing with operational details large and small. I successfully managed my business through three minor recessions and the “Great Recession.”  None of it was easy, but my commitment ran deep.  

This broad array of skills and experience is well suited to problem-solving not only in my profession but in other areas as well.  These same skills are equally important when I study problems we face in our city and engage in conversations with our leaders with the goal of finding solutions that work for our residents and businesses.