My Qualifications & Skills

For the past 5+ years I have immersed myself in the important issues facing our city.

Newport Beach Finance Committee:

The Newport Beach Finance Committee reviews the City’s budgets and revenue projections and makes recommendations to the City Council.  For the last two years I have served on the Finance Committee.  I have had the opportunity to learn about Newport’s revenue sources, capital improvement projects, investment policies, department functions and structure. It’s a great place to learn about our city’s operations.

General Plan Advisory Committee:

I participate in the planning for the future of Newport Beach as a member of the Newport Beach General Plan Advisory Committee and several of the subcommittees (Safety, Natural Resources, Recreation, and the Vision Statement). I follow City Council, Planning Commission, and Water Quality meetings.

Housing and the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA):

I have followed housing issues handed down by the State in the Regional Housing Needs Assessment. Since the State is mandating that we provide affordable housing (a very difficult task in a city with high property values) we should define what type of housing that can be, and where we want to put it.  We should devise a well thought out plan for that growth. I regularly speak at City Council and Planning Commission meetings on housing issues. I have attended City Council meetings in other Orange County cities to hear about their housing issues.

Newport Beach Housing Trust:

I am a member of the Formation Committee for the Newport Beach Housing Trust (NBHT).  The NBHT will be a mechanism to assist in the financing for affordable housing projects focused on 100% affordable housing for local seniors, and workforce (police, fire, medical and young professionals) who struggle to afford housing in Newport Beach because of the high cost of housing (both rental and for purchase). The NBHT will be able to accept County, State and Federal grants as well as corporate and private donations to supplement the cost of developing these high percentage affordable projects.  You can learn more about the Housing Trust at

Other Committees:

I have been a member of the Good Neighbor Newport Committee since it’s inception in early 2020. That committee’s focus has been on solutions to the housing issues that face Newport Beach. The website is  

I have followed California legislation on housing issues for 3 years and participate in two statewide organizations that monitor and address housing issues, to the extent possible (CA laws have become more and more restrictive in terms of what Cities can do to control their own zoning). Those organizations are Livable California, and CALE (California Alliance of Local Electeds). Both organizations have meetings most weekends and plan statewide responses to housing issues, meet with members of the state legislature, and have informational discussions regarding how other cities are dealing with the State mandated housing laws.

I was selected to participate in the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Global Policy
Leadership Academy’s 2022 Orange County Housing Policy Leadership Academy which is a 10-month program involving a diverse group of community leaders and professionals to learn about and discuss affordability issues, policy and solutions including planning and zoning, development, finance, community stability, state housing laws and ordinances, advocacy and coalition building. I was one of 40 participants selected from over 400 applicants.


Transportation and circulation are directly impacted by housing and development. I have attended
every City Study Session and Workshop related to the Circulation Element. Although I do not have any
traffic engineering experience, my professional experience in planning and building codes has given me
a good working knowledge circulation and parking issues.

Harbor, Boating and Water Quality:

I do not own a boat. I wish I did.  I am however, extremely interested in water quality. I attend the Water Quality and Tidelands Committee’s monthly meetings.  I am generally familiar with the Harbor issues in Newport Beach. I have attended multiple detailed presentations related to the Confined Aquatic Disposal project, toured the OC Sanitation District, and the City Water Utility Facility. As a concerned resident, I follow water quality and other issues related to our beaches and harbor.

Environmental Stewardship and Conservation:

These have been important issues for me since I was a child in Girl Scouts. I have a strong connection with the outdoors and am concerned about sea level rise and how our City plans to deal with it. As a Board member of Still Protecting Our Newport, I am informed about issues as they arise in Newport and participate in discussions and activities related to our beaches and the bay.


In my 42-year professional career as a commercial interior designer, I have been involved in many projects in the early stages of development. I have experience in code requirements and participate in site planning and circulation issues for building projects as a function of the tenant requirements for various buildings.

Urban Design and Architecture:

My UCLA education was in a program that included classes in Interior Design, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture. My professional career is in commercial interior planning and design. I prepare complete documentation of construction for interior improvements and site conditions for accessibility. I hire engineers (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, civil, and structural) to prepare drawings in their specific areas of expertise. I assemble complete packages of drawings and specifications for city review and approval for thousands of square feet of commercial office space (mostly medical) every year. Annually, my firm plans and manages construction for 50,000 +/- square feet of commercial medical office space. I am intimately familiar with how City Community Development, Planning and Building Departments function at dozens of cities throughout southern California.

Public Safety and Community Hazards:

I am a member of the Safety Sub-Committee of the General Plan Advisory Committee.  I have been  involved in Community issues related to safety and community hazards in Newport Heights and other areas of the City, specifically traffic and bicycle safety. I am familiar with fire safety from a building code perspective. I have taken Wildlife Defense courses as a part of my professional training. I attended many Planning Commission meetings where safety issues have been addressed as a consideration for approval although as an observer, not as a decision maker.