I’m Nancy Scarbrough and I am running for Newport Beach City Council.
I'll get right to the point on this busy Labor Day Weekend.  This is a great weekend to celebrate our workforce, including those who have recently found themselves unemployed as a result of the various COVID-19 shutdowns and resulting decline in business.

If you are able to do so this weekend, please support our local Newport Beach businesses and their employees in whatever way you can.  And if it's too hot to cook in your home kitchen, you have a great option.  September is Newport Beach Restaurant Month with many local restaurants participating.  Great menus, great prices and options for patio dining or order for pickup or delivery.  Read all about it here . . .

Letters to Editor September 2020

I wanted to share a Letter to the Editor that appeared in several Newport Beach publications during the first week of September (Newport Beach Independent, Stu News and Daily Pilot).  If you've visited my website or received my first email, you know that I'm passionate about doing everything I can to work toward a more inclusive and transparent local government which starts, for me, with becoming informed about the many issues we face as a city.

I ask that you simply read the letter, and if you agree that it's time for change ... time for a leader who is involved, informed and independent ... please share this email with your friends and neighbors, and consider endorsing me as your candidate for Newport Beach City Council District 2.

I look forward to sharing more of my vision and welcome you to share your ideas, concerns and feedback with me.

Until next time, please stay safe. And enjoy this holiday weekend.

Your donation will make a difference.